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Our company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying extensive variety of Audio Visual Equipments to our valuable clients. Manufactured using high quality raw material, these equipments are known for their durability and reliability. The array of products includes: Over head Projectors, OHP (Portable), FILM STRIP-SLIDE PROJECTOR, EPIDIASCOPE, AUTOMATIC SLIDE PROJECTOR , PROJECTION SLIDE STORAGE CABINETS.

Audio Visual
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Visual Equipments (Projectors)

Cat No.


MTS 851

"TEKNIK" Over head Projectors :
• Body of thick mild steel / fiber Body finished in powder coated colour combinations.
• Projection Head folding type, focusing by Rack-n-Pinion.
• Illuminations : 24V-250W on step-down transformer with solid state control.
• Writing surface 250 x 250 mm or 285 x 285 mm. Complete with on-off switch,mains indicator, light intensity control switch, cord- plug & fuse.
Standard Accessories with the Equipment :
Transparent cellophane roll, writing pack, cleaning cloth, venyl cover. Packed in a card board box with thermocol packing.
J-12 CL : Single low voltage bulb 24V-250W, Halogen through step-down transformer.
J-12 CL(ii) : Double low voltage system with 2 Halogen bulbs- 24V–250 W through step-down transformer. The dual bulb system facilitates switching over to second provided bulb instantly in case of damage of the running one without disturbing continuity of discussion.
J-12CLA : Writing surface of 285 x 285 mm instead 250 x 250 mm. Rest same as J-12CL
J-12CL IIA : Writing surface of 285 x 285 mm instead 250 x 250 mm. Rest same as J-12CL II

MTS 852

"TEKNIK" OHP (Portable) : (Single low voltage bulb)
J-12 CP : Folding type, smooth focusing with 3-element high difinition varifocusing lens supported by picture sharpness compensator to achieve brilliant projection with optimum resolution & contrast. Equipped with 24V-250W halogen bulb, mini turbo cooling fan, thermal cut-out for safety. Writing surface 285 x 285 mm. Supplied in moulded luggage case.

MTS 853

"TEKNIK" OHP (Portable) : (Dual low voltage bulb)
J-12 CP (ii) : Same as above but with Two low voltage 24V-250W halogen bulbs with lever to instantly shift to second provided lamp in case of sudden failure of the running one.
J-12 A2 : Screen with Stand : Metallic, folding, sturdy, portable with collapsible tripod stand. Housing equipped with automatic spring roller system. Screen Size : (i) 120 x 130 cms. (ii) 132 x 178 cms.
J-12 A4 : Transparancies
J-12 A5 : LCD Panel

MTS 854

"J-12 B : Latest, improved & versatile model. Moulded body. Suitable to project 35 mm film strips, 2 x 2"" projection slides and 3 x 1"" prepared Microslides. 24V–150W projection illumination. Provided with efficient cooling system and heat resistant glass protection.

MTS 855

J-12 F : Convertible projection equipment with 'A' grade anastigmatic lenses and surface-coated reflecting mirrors for brilliant projections of opaque objects as well as projection slides, film strips etc. Noisefree cooling system for long time projections. Complete with attachments for projection of 3¼ x 3¼" and 2x2" projection slides, 35mm film strips and prepared micro-slides. Provided with 1000 W 220 V AC Halogen bulb, cord & plug. Fit for sharp projection upto 30 ft. distance-a rare distinction.

MTS 856

J-12 Z : Automatic slide projector with 85 mm F. 2.5 lenses equipped with Halogen lamp, low pressure cooling system. Operated through remote control for forward, reverse and fine focusing. 36 slides linear magazine with imported mechanical & optical components to achieve brilliant and sharp projections.

MTS 857

JCR-2B : Projection Microscope is very usefull for routine observation and complex type measurements of specimen magnified on screen, group observations, discussions and teaching.
Equipped with a 195 mm dia. special material graduated screen. Built-in base illuminator & diaphragm which is directed to the condenser which again is reflected through a mirror to the objective and compensating eyepiece for projection on to the screen again by a reflector.
Graduated Mechanical stage is also provided on the large stage for backward and forward movements within 30mm & 40 mm scales read by verniers to 0.1 mm. Screen-head is rotatable through 3600 with cross scales vertically and horizontally within 140mm.
"A quadruple nose-piece carries four objectives : 5X, 10X, 20X, & 40X giving magnification from 125X to 1000X.
JCR-3B : Magnification from 125X to 1500X.
JCR-3M : Incorporated with Binocular Head.
JCR-3J : Same as JCR-2B but screen 150 mm dia.
JCR-3S : With built in 6V-20Watt halogen lamp. 6"" dia projection head, coarse and fine motion two objective10X and 45X, Mechanical stage for slide manipulation, magnification 40X to 450X complete in box."

MTS 859

"JW-2 : For storage of 2x2"" projection slides. Cabinet made of duro-board clad in laminated sheet. Sliding drawers with wooden grooves carry slides vertically. An extra drawer is provided to keep index card sheets. Dust proof door has locking arrangement.
(i) Capacity 600 slides with 5 drawers of 120 slides each.
(ii) Capacity 1000 slides with 5 drawers of 200 slides each.
(iii) Capacity 2000 slides with 10 drawers of 200 slides each."


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