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We are manufacturers and exporters of Meteorological Instruments used in Engineering Colleges, Technical School and Universities. Our Product Range includes: Automatic Rain Gauge,  Pilot Balloon Observation Optical Theodolite, Automatic Water Level Stage Recorder, Water Current Meter Magnatic Type, Prismatic Binocula, Forest Hagha Altimeter, Map Measure (Rotameter), and Diameter Tape.

Meteorological Instruments
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MTS 301

Pilot Ballon Observation Optical Theodolite :

For observing the quick ascending ballons in order to etermine upper wind velocities. Complete with all accessories in box and with stand.

General Design : The design and lay-out of the instrument is such that the Horizontal and vertical angles are read by means of two circles arranged in justapostion horizontally. The vertioal circle angles are transmitted by the use of accurace bevel gears, any backlash in this gearing being climinated be means of a spring device.

Optical System : This consists of main right-angled telecope with a pentagonal prism, magnification x 25 field of view 2.0" and a second "finder" or sighting telescope of shorter length, magnification x 6. field of view 8". This second telescope can be brought, into action by means of rotatable mirror in the horizontal barred, of the main telescope so that both telescopes are viewed by one eyepiece

which is screw focussing. The telescope is by means of a knurled ring behind the eyepiece. The diaphragm consists of a scale with divisions corresponding to 1/1000

Circles : Both circles are 5.25 in diameter, divided into half degree and reading on opposite sides bt common indices. Horizontal and vertical movement are earried out by means of worms and wom wheels. The worm spindles carry drums which sub-divide the circle readings to tenths of a degree. These drums are fitted with short handles to enable them to be revolved with rapidity A throw in and out mechanism is operated be levers on either side of the instruments for disengaging the horizontal and vertical worm spindles.

Sights : An open sights is provided for quick laying of Ballon immediately after it is released.

Tripod : The wooden tripod is provided for use of the Theodolite.

Accessories : Standard accessories packed in wooden box.

Technical Specification :-

Main Telescope

Magnification : 20 X

Field of view : 2 Deg.

Sightting Telescope

Magnification : 5 X

Field of view : 8 Deg.

Circle Graduation : 0.5 Deg.

Drum Reading : 0.1 Deg.

Weight of Instrument with case : 14 Kg.

Net Weight : 8Kg. (Approx.)

Tripod Weight : 4.5Kg. (Approx.)

Overall Size of case : 340 x 280 x 220mm

Tripod : 1.5 meter

MTS 302

Automatic Rain Gauge : (Clock Type) conforming to I.M.D. Specifications & ISI No. : 5235:1969, complete with clock, Graph Papers Recording ink etc. complete

MTS 303

Automatic Water Level Stage Recorder : complete with all accessories.

Daily Type

Weekly Type

MTS 304

Water Current Meter Magnatic Type : (Fish Type weight) complete in wooden box with accessories. Duly calibrated by Govt. Lab

MTS 305

Pigmy Water Current Meter : Magnetic Type : Complete with accessories in box. Duly calibrated by Govt. Lab

MTS 306

Automatic Counter : For water current meter

MTS 307

Prismatic Binocular : In case, Range 7 x 50 or 10 x 50 or 20 x 50 (Any Available)

MTS 308

Pedometer Range : 40 kilometer German

MTS 309

Altimeter :

(A) Range 0 to 4000 meter, minimum reading division 10 meter

(B) Range 0 to 2500 meter, minimum reading division 20 meter

(C) Range 0 to 4500 meter, minimum reading division 50 meter

MTS 310

Forest Hagha Altimeter : For measuring the height of the Trees complete in case.

MTS 311

Map Measure (Rotameter) : with handle , double side reading.

MTS 312

Stop Watch : 1/10th of a second.

MTS 313

Anemometer : Cup of type, with flash unit. Complete in wooden box.

MTS 314

Steel Discharge Boat : With one pair of oars & rubbers.

(i) Size 16 ft

(ii) Size 20 ft

MTS 315

Discharge Rod : Telescopic type

MTS 316

Stenvenson Meteorogical Screen :

(A) Standard Size

(B) Big Size

MTS 317

Forest Girth Calliper : Made of full Aluminium fully anodised measure and embossed.

(A) Size 1 meter

(B) Size 1/2 meter

MTS 318

Wedge Prisms : (Set to 7 prisms) most convenient handly & common used investment in forest surveys, complete in plastic cover.

MTS 319

Diameter Tape : for measuring the diameter of the tree

MTS 320

Sunshine Recorder As per I.S.I. & I.M.D. Specification : With sun glass ball, fitted in Brass slottings frame, mounted on stone base.


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